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5BGZ-4 Multi-Fermenter System
5BGZ-4 Multi-Fermenter System
5BGZ-4 Multi-Fermenter System

As the largest 5BGZ-4 Multi-Fermenter System manufacturer in china, Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech sales quality 5BGZ-4 Multi-Fermenter System to customers all over the world.

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Vessel: Total volume: 5L, working volume: 3.5L. Vessel is made of specialized borosilicate and stainless steel (316L). Autoclavable.
Stirrer: Drive with AC motor, speed adjustable. Magnetic drive from bottom. Solid stirrer shaft with 2 pieces of 6-blade disk impeller and 1 set of foam breaker. Rotate speed range: 50-1000rpm.
Aeration: With stainless steel ring sparger in the vessel and silica gel tube and air filter outside.
Thermal circuit: Electrical heating in jacket; auto-control: (cooling water+5℃)~50℃±0.2℃.
Peristaltic pumps: 4 peristaltic pumps each assignable to function for acid/alkali, anti-foam and nutrient feeding. Each pump including perforation needles and silicone hose. Automatic or manual control.
Sterilization: in situ with external steam.
Control system: Various controller for choose. Details: BIOTECH-7000, BIOTECH-9000