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10QS Airlift Fermenter
10QS Airlift Fermenter
10QS Airlift Fermenter

As a specialist of 10QS,Airlift,Fermenter,Total,Volume,10L,100L,Load,Rate,90%, , Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech can offer you comprehensive selections of goods in this industry

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Total Volume: 10L~100L
Load Rate: 75~90%
Vessel: 316L Stainless Steel
Stirrer: Airlift (Dia.: H=1:6~8)
Sterilization: In situ (steam sourceExternal)
Basic Features: Temperature, pH, DO,Antifoam, Feed, Aeration (manual), Pressure (manual)
Advanced Features (optional): Level, WeighFeed, Multi-Feeds, Methanol & Ethanol, Aeration (Auto), Pressure (Auto),Exhaust O2 & CO2.
Controller: BIOTECH-3000, BIOTECH-7000,BIOTECH-9000
Features: Large viewing port, low shear.